Roxanne’s Story



Roxanne is an amazing woman, an inspiration and a good friend to many.


Roxanne is a much loved member in the scrapping and tagging community as well as our forum @ KnKs.


Roxanne needs a kidney! We need your help to find it 🙂


In Canada, if you are waiting for a cadaveric kidney transplant, the database only includes the municipality.


This means Rox has limited access to a kidney …


That’s where you come in, help us spread the word.


Help us get Rox her kidney so she can continue to be an Awesome Aunty for her nieces and nephews,

a darling Daughter to her mother and a super sibling to her sisters.


I am trying to increase awareness about organ donation and lack thereof.


“Don’t take your organs to Heaven…Heaven knows we need them here!”


You  can read the full story @


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