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The Reverse 365:

I thought some of you may be interested in this concept 😀


The 365 Project is a great way to improve your photography and to document each day for the next year, but it’s also very daunting and can be difficult to complete. But what if you did a 365 with pictures you’ve already taken?


Pete Labrozzi created a new way to complete the 365 Project. Instead of taking a picture every day for the next year, Pete is using photos he’s taken from previous years.


In the smartphone age, our pictures barely last a hot minute. With this project, you can pull them out of the darkness and incorporate them into your future 365.


Some benefits according to Pete:


  • Everyday life gets a little mundane. The Reverse 365 lets you skip uploading 100 pictures of your pet or daily coffee
  • Be free of carrying a camera with you everywhere you go
  • Less stress about posting the photos because they’re already taken
  • You’re still able to look back on your work and progress, it just happens sooner!


365 Days,
365 Photos,
365 Memories!
This will be where you can share it all with me.

As the months pass, and the year rolls on I will post one photo I have taken that day.

Sometimes it  may be a few weeks between posts as we are on the road and I dont always have internet service, but you can be sure I will have plenty to show when I get back 😀 And I will give notice for when I won’t be around!